Some of my art can be found in a beautiful art book called "Excellent Art 2022 - Exzellente Kunst 2022".  As a wonderful surprise my collage-portrait of Hariton Pushwagner won 2nd Prize and enriches the back cover of the book!

It's an honor to be represented in the

International Contemporary Masters 14.

Despina Tunberg, the Curator, writes this:

“According to Hege’s words, her purpose is to feel joy, satisfaction and happiness. And it is precisely these feelings that the viewer feels when looking at her works. Beautiful, harmoniously combined colors, reflect light and emit shine. Simple lines and clear colors are characteristic of her work. Clear lines that inspire clear emotions. Inspired by urban scenes with a clearly architectural – albeit abstract – mood and sometimes inspired by nature, she marries these two themes together, creating a third dimension that refers to both, without a divisive line as to where the one ends and the other begins. ‘Harma ofthalmon’ is how the ancient Greeks would put it, which means ‘A pleasure to the eye’, is what Hege’s work is.”

My work "We're all cartoons in the same city",

a portrait of the Norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner,

can be found in the Great Encyclopedia ART UNIVERSAL 2021.

"The Treasure You Hold" you can also find on page 182 in

"The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021" catalog, side by side with modern and contemporary artworks from all over the world. I'm honored!

My works, "The Treasure You Hold" and "Cataclysm and the Miracle of Question" are presented in the International Art Project WE Contemporary 2021 catalogue.

 A video from Circle Foundation for the Arts.

I'm represented with my work Profusion (2017)

"Featured Artists v. 12"

A unique selection

of remarkable artists representing a variety

of media and styles.